Acton Blink Lite Review

If you love skateboarding, then you will love cruising down the street or around the neighborhood on your new Acton Blink Lite Electric Skateboard. With a weight of just 7.7lbs, it is the lightest electric skateboard that allows you to continue to enjoy the classic skateboard look that incorporates an impressive LED strip. It includes a hub motor that is built into the wheels that give you an efficient and quiet ride that requires a little amount of maintenance.

Acton Blink Lite Features

This gives the rider a smoother braking, cruising, and acceleration. The Acton Blink Lite comes with a remote control that allows the user to change the settings between pro, regular, and beginner as well as for speed and starts and stop functions. Acton also includes an app that can be downloaded for use on your smartphone and connected to your skateboard via Bluetooth.

Acton Blink Lite Features

When Acton states that their electric SKATEBOARDS are the lightest in the world, you can trust it to be true. You just give its lithium-ion battery a full charge, and the hub motor is good to go for five miles. This makes it the perfect skateboard to get where you need to be.

  • Max Speed: 10 mph
  • Max Distance Per Charge: 5 miles
  • Required Charge Time: 2 hours
  • Skateboard Weight: 7.7 lbs
  • Wheel Dimensions: 70 mm
  • Max Weight Capacity: 180 lbs
  • Max Climbing Angle: 4.6 degrees or 8% grade

At only 7.7lbs, the Acton Blink Lite is truly the lightest eboard available on the market today. Along with its lightness, it also includes many features as well. Its hub motor allows ease of use that makes the ride very comfortable and it can be transitioned into a longboard if the battery drains completely.

Other features include very fresh light strips. This allows easy visibility at night and allows for a safer riding experience. Its regenerative braking saves you power if you want to stop, and ultimately recharges the battery little by little every time the braking feature is utilized.

Acton Blink Lite ReviewPros

  • Very sleek design
  • Affordable price
  • Safe for all riders
  • Light strips for safety


  • 5-mile limited range
  • Max speed of 10mph
  • Low torque
  • No replacement battery
  • Board may feel stiff
  • Wheels may seem small to some riders

Hub Motor

Acton Blink Lite hub motor

Its hub motor puts this eboard in a class of its own by not using a belt motor. It consists of a 450-watt motor that is safely secured inside a wheel. This is great because the hub gets protected from any damage that may occur and requires little to no maintenance for the hub.

The wheelsActon Blink Lite wheels

This eboard’s wheels measure 70mm and are manufactured using polyurethane. Polyurethane is the most durable material available and ensures the wheel’s overall longevity. The wheels guarantee a smooth ride not only on smooth surfaces but also over tiny debris and even cracks.

The Battery

The battery consists of Lithium Ion that gives 25.5V of power and requires a maximum of 2 hours to become fully charged. The battery also allows a distance of 5 miles in between charges. To help conserve battery charge, the eboard has a regenerative feature that allows it to recharge while the rider manually brakes to slow down or completely stop.

Acton Blink Lite remoteRemote Control

With a sleek, handheld remote, you are given the ability to remotely brake, accelerate and slow down by exerting no energy of your own. It also offers the function of a reverse feature. With blue-tooth technology, you control every move of your board by the touch of your thumb.

Available APP

With the availability of an APP through the Apple Store and Google, you will be able to let the fun begin. Soon after linking it to your Bluetooth, you can start to record and snap photos of your adventure. Besides that, you can log the number of miles that you travel.

To add to the fun, you can challenge yourself or friends by reaching levels and completing different challenges. As you use the app via your smartphone, you can connect to even more special features that will add to your already excellent experience. These extra features include changing your board’s overall performance and checking the amount of battery life remaining.

Being that the app is connected to a network, you can instantly connect with other riders who are also completing challenges.

The Good Perks

The overall design is fantastic and has an 80s appeal and old school feel. With neon wheels, the tail and nose are not the unique touches you will experience.

It makes a great gift idea and is set at a low price of only $249. The price is considered a steal for many gift ideas.

The lightweight eboard makes it very portable so you can easily take it with you where ever you go. You can either carry it around or store it in a suitcase as you travel.

It has a range of 5 miles and provides a unique performance unlike any other. Plus, it’s top speed of 10mph makes it quite impressive when compared to other similar boards.

With a user-friendly remote control, you’ll get to enjoy its soft touch technology. With grip control, you will never have any problem with accidentally dropping the control from your hand.Acton Blink Lite pros and cons

The Acton Blink Lite provides the smoothest acceleration and deceleration through its hub motor. This smoothness is created by the board’s ability to provide low resistance.

It includes an available app that can be downloaded and connected through the board’s Bluetooth capability.

Once you have the app connected to your board, you can easily keep track of your eboard and connect with other eboard riders.

You don’t have to worry about your battery going dead as you ride it. It easily converts into a regular riding longboard so you can still ride it to your intended location.

You will enjoy the reverse function as much as you enjoy going forward. Ultimately, the reverse function allows the user complete directional control.

No maintenance is necessary due to the use of a hub motor. This will keep money in your pocket and allow you to enjoy your eboard for many years.

Its max speed of 10mph is perfect for all ages. This is what makes it perfect to give as a gift for kids.

The battery receives a full charge within 2 hours. This allows you to get out there and continue to enjoy the ride.

With a regenerative braking system, you are guaranteed to have a safe riding experience.

Along with its regenerative braking, you can conserve battery power every time you manually slow down. This allows your battery to recharge itself a little each time and decreases the amount of power that you use.

The Bad Perks

best electric skateboard from Acton Blink Lite

Although it is great that it has the capability to allow manual riding, the overall size can seem a little overbearing.

Its ability to provide a maximum range of 5 miles and cruising at only 10mph can seem like a turnoff to someone who wants more out of a skateboard.

When it comes to performance, having low torque prevents the eboard from climbing steep hills.

You may feel abrupt braking, and it may take some time getting used to.

You only get one battery that comes with your board. Swapping out the battery is simply not possible unlike many other eboards currently on the market.

The wheels can seem bigger than you may be used to at 70 mm. This size may cause a few problems on the terrain especially while your board navigates over cracks and other debris you may come across.

The Acton warranty

Having a warranty included always makes for good business, and that is exactly what Acton provides you. According to their warranty, all of their products sold have a 1-year warranty that covers any and all defects that might occur after its purchase. This warranty adds more peace of mind and gives added value to an investment that will get many miles.

Final Thoughts

Many parents today continue to have trouble deciding on the best gift to get their kids. We’re here to say that you no longer have that problem now that the Acton electric skateboard is here. It is the perfect option for all occasions.

electric skateboard acton blink

With it being very lightweight, you can easily take it on the go. Besides being lightweight, it includes some of the best features available today as well as an app that allows Bluetooth syncing to your board. Having the app easily connects you to other riders and tracks your journey.

With a 2-hour charge time, you will be out enjoying your board in no time. If you are worried about running on empty, you can manually ride the board until you recharge your battery.

The safety features are just one reason why parents love this eboard. With light strips built-in, you will be easily seen at night. In addition to that, the braking system is regenerative thus taking a lot off of the use of its battery power.