Yuneec E-go2 Review

Are you tired of pouring through reviews for the Yuneec E-go2 only to find useless information? Well, take a deep breath and look no more. Here we have compiled all you need to know about this amazing electric skateboard.

About the first E-go

Electronic Skateboard Yuneec E-go2 Review

To truly understand the Yuneec E-go2 you first need to know the brand. Yuneec is an engineering company out of China providing the best of the best in affordable electronic skateboards. They also manufacture Drones and the E-Go Cruiser board.

How do the two differ?

Yuneec E-go2

The original Yuneec E-go cruiser was a low-cost electronic skateboard that stood up to its more expensive competitors. Its range was more than modest, and customer support was impeccable.

However, there was a speed issue with the more experienced riders. Yuneec E-go2 didn’t bridged that gap. It does, however, provide an 18-mile range, reaches speeds of up to 12.5mph and weighs only 15lbs. You still get the 10% hill incline like that of its predecessor.

How’s the ride?

While performance only moderately changed quality increased quite a bit. You now get a much smoother ride due to the improvements made t0 its trucks. The design is far better by way of maneuvering thanks to the new cruiser longboard design feature. It offers some of the following style variations.

What colors are available?

  • Hot Pink
  • Royal Wave
  • Deep Mint
  • Space Purple
  • Lemon Punch

Let’s talk about the design.

Yuneec E-go2

The Yuneec E-go2 now embraces a kick-tail for better maneuvering, steering, and handling. The functionality is above adequate for its features and price range.

Speed is still an issue with the more competitive riders. It is however ideal for those entering into the world of electronic skateboarding. Charging is a bit slower with the new Yuneec E-go2, but the range has more than doubled.

Braking and Safety

The braking system is updated, so the new Yuneec E-go2 wins over new safety standards. It is a rust resistant electronic skateboard with a durable motor and serves many purposes from play to actual transportation.

New Technologies?

Yuneec E-go2 with remote

Thanks to waterproofing technologies you do not have to worry if you hit a puddle should it rain while you are away on your board. Consumers say this is a great machine to use if you want to get from point A to point B, and it offers a smooth ride.

The Bottom Line is this: The Yuneec E-go2 is better than its predecessor hands down. They did make noticeable improvements with style and design. We will gladly give it a 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Why the 4.6 rating?
This is only because we would have liked to see more improvements with speed. All in all the Yuneec E-go2 is a fantastic board for those seeking alternate transportation, fun or play. It is super for electronic skateboard beginners, but it is not a good board for competitions due to its speed.

The updated colors make it a remarkable board for personalization and originality. The board itself is seamlessly fitted with its motor and battery for an updated and refreshing look. This also provides more protection and waterproofing to these key components.

A few things to remember:

When riding your Yuneec E-go2, rather you are a pro or a beginner, it is essential to wear the appropriate safety gear. The gear for the electronic skateboard is a bit sturdier than that used by riders using standard boards. Helmets, for instance, have a shell that is denser, and padding is increased in knee and elbow protectors. There are also wrist guards available for electronic skateboarders.

Yuneec E-go2 green boardIf you are a parent considering the Yuneec E-go2 you can rest assured that the board will be perfect for your tween or teen. This is because it will give them the excitement and prestige of owning that board while offering you the peace of mind in knowing it won’t top out at dangerous speeds. It is an affordable and dependable board that looks and handles great.

You can’t go wrong with the Yuneec E-go2 electronic skateboard. One thing is for sure; it offers miles of fun and memories. It is a great addition to anyone’s childhood who loves skateboards, and it is also great of you to want to use it as your commute or a par of your commute back and forth to work or school. It is more than a trend.
You are not going to spend an arm, and a leg for maintenance and replacement parts are readily obtained by calling their exceptional customer service advocates. I recommend the Yuneec E-go2.