Evolve Bamboo GT Review

What’s Unique About This Product? What Does It Offer? The Evolve Bamboo GT and Its Variations
The highly-popular Evolve GT Series electric skateboards are all the rage these days, and it’s for a good reason. These highly adaptable, uniquely innovative and catchy skateboards are considered high-performance devices on every level. These longboards offer a unique electric durability and motion sensitivity that is unparalleled to any other gadget, even the highly-praised hoverboard of today.

The flexible bamboo decks in this series stay true to their origins as they beautifully display the artwork that has been seen on traditional Evolve Skateboards ever since July 2012, when Evolve was officially given birth. Since then, this modern skateboard company has only continued to rise in fame, advertising, and overall product revenue. In this new Bamboo GT series, customers are given three selections to choose from: the GT Street – a classic feel for the more retro rider, the GT All-Terrain – a take on vehicle backroads with the feel of a modern ride in the great outdoors, and the 2in1 – bringing the best of both worlds together.

Evolve Bamboo GT

Wood deck loyalist will also love the carving possibilities that are available in all three versions. Those who view online photos of the product will better understand. Classic and modern combine.

The Bamboo GT 2in1 Electric Skateboard

• 3,000 solid watts of highest performance efficiency
• 7-ply Maple Wood of hard construction
• Evolve Speedballs with Abec 9’s
• Step-less acceleration
• 220 lb. loads

This top choice among today’s young consumers typically sells for approximately $1,650 for new models. It held up well against water in numerous testing conditions, making it mostly waterproof and safe for use during rainy days though designers note that slippery conditions – as well as mixing electrical components with water – is never the ideal situation and should be avoided. All stock components come included and pre-installed so that you don’t have to worry about anything else but unpacking and riding; no assembly is required.

The Bamboo GT All-Terrain Electric SkateboardThis GT’s remote features its digital LCD screen. The new super-carve truck system gives stability while enabling tight curves. Your ride can feel even smoother with its all-new GT Series wheel, which is an 83-mm hybrid of all the best that we remember from our favorite skate wheels of the past.

The Bamboo GT All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

• 3,000 solid watts of highest efficiency
• 7-ply Maple Wood of hard construction
• Custom-designed
• Step-less acceleration
• 7-inch all-terrain wheels

New models of this variation sell for nearly $1,500 in brand-new stock. Plus, the board does not slide but offers a steady, straightforward advance. The only exception is, of course, when passing through hard gravel or grass.

Also, the 2-ply bamboo on this piece has been vertically laminated with a W-concave deck and a drop-down style for those low-profile riders seeking to enjoy comfort and flair all at once. There’s plenty of flexibility for maximum control at any speed, and the product’s unique deck shape can lock itself onto the rider’s feet during motion. Both the wheels and board are made for all terrains.

This Bamboo GT is also commonly referred to as the GT AT or GT All-Terrain. It offers super-carve trucks, a regenerative ABS braking system and added versatility wheel options – all within a stylish new deck layout. It matches price with performance and precision for ultimate product perfection.

The Bamboo GT All-Terrain Electric Skateboard review

The newly-designed 7-inch, All-Terrain pneumatic hubs, and tires on this board imply that they’re up for any challenge. The 3,000 watts of brushless sensor motor power has been coupled with a top-performing lithium battery than can give you a maximum range of 20 km in one charge alone – turning roads or paths into new adventures to explore. The Bamboo GT AT can give you the ride you seek, regardless of weather, road conditions or seasons.

Whether it’s for a basic beachside cruise, a coffee run, the grassy field’s shortcut commute to work, those gravel tracks or even steep hills, the GT AT can do it all and come back for more. Thus, you won’t require an excuse for taking a long way home; you’ll simply need one for not doing so. The Evolve Bamboo GT AT’s basic mode offers a relaxed comfort for where your path starts, and its unique beast mode kicks in for where your path ends.

The Bamboo GT Street Electric Skateboard

• 3,000 watts and 3.5 hrs. standard recharge time
• 7-ply Maple Wood
• Custom-designed
• Step-less acceleration
• Precision bearings of Abec 9 as well

This board offers the most riding modes that there have ever been on a board thus far, and it’s all thanks to the rapid advancements of modern science and technology in the last decade, along with the increasing popularity of the skateboard in general throughout such time. This upward trend is only rising at a tremendous, unstoppable rate. It’s a good time to be alive.

Bamboo GT Street Electric SkateboardYou can try Slow Mode, Eco Mode – a medium variation – or Fast mode. GT Mode can accelerate hills as well. For power, performance, and versatility combined, this product is a keeper.

Did you know that this skateboard, in every variation, offers high performance and also limits certain dangerous climbing inclines simultaneously? The GT mode additionally allows the board to ascend the steepest hills – those most dangerous to ride down on when returning, even for riders using the brake – so please be prudent as well.

The remote control that comes with every model of this variation gives you instant feedback on your speed, battery levels, range and selected mode through a quality built-in screen. The best part is this: You can do it all from the very palm of your hand and with a few basic button presses and swipes. It could not get simpler.