Boosted Board 2 Review

boosted board 2 review

Boosted Board 2 Review, This Skateboard is Dope!

If you are a fan of skateboards and hoverboards, you sure must have already heard about electric boards. And while those that have tried it say the electric boards are way more fun, that’s a discussion for another day.

An electric board invention that’s taken the market by storm is the Boosted Board 2, an innovative second generation electric skateboard from Boosted Board, which is one of the most prominent names in electric skateboard making business.

We took the time to do a review of this innovation, so here we go.

Advanced Software that makes Skating Easier to Learn

Worried that you are a beginner and that your board riding skills are, well, average. Don’t worry as the makers of the boosted board 2 created an advanced software that enables you to adjust power and also speed levels dependent on your skill level.

With the multiple ride modes, you will find it easier and more fun to jump on the board even if you have zero experience. With the older version, the beginner mode, which is where you are advised to start, goes all the way to 11mph. As you rise the ladder and get closer to becoming a pro, you will be able to switch these levels and go all the way to 22mph. This top speed has gotten even better with the newer version.

Increased Speed

Despite the fact that not all models are created the same, the Boosted Board 2 single model boasts of up to 30 km per hour and about 13 km and can comfortably handle a 10% grade. This model comes with a single drivetrain.

The Dual Mode of the other hand can comfortably handle a 20% grade, and up to a 32 km per hour speed and an 11km range.

Lastly, is the Dual Plus Model which has a speed of 35 km per hour and can traverse hills with 25% grade.

In addition to these features, the upgraded Boosted Board 2 has become even better as the software responsible for controlling the motors is now even more efficient in terms of deceleration and acceleration. While now using custom trucks, the riding experience is even smoother.

boosted 2
Photo of the New Boosted Board 2

Powerful Bluetooth Connection

While adding a second Bluetooth radio to the gadgets remote and also increasing the remote’s Bluetooth range, Boosted has reduced dropped connections when riding the board.

Also worth noting is that this new model can provide the user with status reports through a Bluetooth app on your smartphone. This way, you are better able to quickly be updated on things such as top speed or even the battery life. Cool isn’t it?

boosted board v2Responsive Acceleration

If you have always wanted to ride on a hill but fear that you just might fall, then the Boosted Board 2 is just the product for you. While it is built to accelerate like a sports car, (literally) and constructed with  2000 watts of power the Boosted Board 2 lets the rider speed up on any hill, and just be as comfortable braking to a complete stop as you come down the hill or as you make a turning.

The makers of the Boosted Board 2 also went the extra mile to ensure they designed this product with a belt drive system which allows for the magnification of the motor’s torque by up to three times. This ensures you get much stronger brakes and an even faster acceleration even when riding on steep surfaces.

Improved Battery Life

While offering two battery alternatives, Boosted Board’s allows the user to select between a standard battery and an extended battery. The standard battery is perfect for short travels and ranges between 6 to 7 miles. In addition to this, it is entirely certified for airline travel.

On the other hand, the extended battery version allows the user a range of at least 12 miles and is suitable for longer journeys. Both of these options are easily replaceable that you can switch with a simple hex wrench.

Even better is that Boosted has also made it possible to use boosted board two without the motor which especially applies to those instances you find yourself running out of battery during your ride. And even though some people have reported to feeling as though doing this creates some resistance, you are still able to skate. And well, isn’t that what matters?

More Durability

Made in California the Booster Board 2 boasts of high quality and stands out from cheaper electric boards available in the market. And with aerospace- grade batteries, composites as opposed to plastic as well as machined metal, you are guaranteed to having your board for years and years regardless of the several miles you end up covering.

As part of the durability plan, the electrically powered board is also made to withstand not so smooth city roads which might have potholes or bumps. The sectional design of this electric vehicle allows for quick repairs, so you do not have to spend so much time off your board doing repairs.

Great Visual Design, it looks Cool!

boosted board v2 design

While this new model looks more or less like the older version, with orange wheels and the eye-catching bamboo deck you have got to give it to Boosted Board for maintaining the exquisiteness of this product. While it looks like a wooden carving, the snowboard is made from 100% high-quality bamboo material. What’s more is that this made this way, so as to offer you more flexibility. With this kind of electric board, you can be assured you will be getting the highest ride quality as well as best quality maneuverability.

Some of the other cosmetic changes that are also worth noting include a set of lights just below the power button that show you the battery level, quite innovative I must say especially considering the previous model one had to use the remote to know the battery status.

Where to buy your Boosted Board 2?

In case you are wondering where to buy the booster board, a reliable place to purchase the boosted board two would be from the manufacturer’s Booster website which is on . Dealers, retailers, and resellers who can also be found in almost all the major cities around the US. Check on for more details. Hope you enjoyed my boosted board two review.


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