Top 6 Maverix Electric Skateboards Reviews

Maverix electric skateboards are an ideal choice whether you’re thinking of riding or purchasing a skateboard for the first time or you’re an expert rider. There’s really nothing like riding on one of these; they’re enjoyed by children and adults alike.

1. Batman California

Batman California board

The Batman California board includes the security of knowing you have a reliable piece of equipment a child can enjoy for hours on end. The boards only require basic maintenance to keep them functioning optimally.

Board pros and cons

The Batman California is a 150 Watt unisex board perfect for people who are new to electric skateboarding. It’s durable, equipped with ABS anti-lock brakes, and travels at speeds of up to 9 mph. The board is 19 lbs, yet designed to be easy to carry around.

The Batman California is recommended for kids aged 12 and older. A heavier rider can enjoy this board. However, the board will not travel as far or as quickly. The board has a weight limit of 150 lbs.

Note that peak performance stops at 110 lbs. The battery life is only 5 miles, and the board has no safety leash. When riding for the first time, it’s best to begin at a lower speed to get yourself acclimated to controlling and riding the board. The initial charge can take five to eight hours.

This Batman edition is a stylized version of the basic Maverix California model skateboard. It’s a fish-shaped board that is only about 2 feet long, making it a smaller board. Also, because it’s smaller, the battery takes up more space underneath the board.

This is very much a starter board. There is less board, so there’s less to control, making it a great first board. Just as with many Maverix boards, this one comes complete with spare parts and a small tool kit with a bag to place it in. It also comes with a battery.

About the battery

Maverix Batman California board battery

A full year warranty is included with the purchase of the Batman California. This is convenient if you have any issues with the battery. The sealed lead acid battery recharges quickly. Each charge provides the board with approximately seven to nine miles additional riding miles.

Riding the board with low batteries means you could run out of power during a ride, resulting in free wheeling. The board will free wheel if it’s further away than 5 feet from the board. The batteries have a lifespan of three or four charging cycles.

Leaving the battery plugged in too long after reaching a full charge can cause problems with the battery. Also, leaving the board in the “on” position permanently can cause damage to the batteries and electronic components of the board.

Maverix Batman board materialsLooks & materials

The deck is made of laminate maple, brandishing a sharp DC Batman logo. The color scheme is classic Batman black and yellows with black wheels to match. Note that the design has no kicktail.

With normal usage, you can expect normal wear and tear. The Batman California board has basic maintenance requirements that are easy to meet. You’ll need to tighten the rear and front trucks, check the tire pressure, and the battery level before each usage.

The board is not waterproof and cannot be ridden in wet areas or wet weather conditions such as; mud or rain. Be sure to store the board in an area that is free of moisture and clean any moisture from the board after use.

Maverix Batman California board controllerController

The Batman California is operated by a three speed, wireless handheld controller. Choose between beginner, medium, and expert speeds. Your braking distance depends on your weight and the surface you’re riding on.

The controller has a trigger that lets you easily pull back for acceleration, forward to brake or take no action to leave the board neutral.

Connectivity options

To care for the connection points on the board: Always unplug holding the end instead of pulling on the cord
No Bluetooth connectivity feature

2. Cruiser

Maverix cruise board

As you might assume, the Cruiser is more comfortable to cruise around on because it’s larger. The safety leash also makes it easier to travel at higher speeds because you’re not worried about losing your board if you fall off or you can’t avoid an obstacle. You also don’t have to worry about your precious skateboard crashing into something or a car rolling over it.

Since it’s attached to you, it will shut off if the safety leash disconnects. If you plan on taking advantage of the higher speeds that electric boards can travel at, it may suit you best to make sure your board has a leash.

Board pros and cons

As it is appropriately named, the Maverix Cruiser is designed for cruising. It offers excellent control, and many people compare riding the board to a go-kart. It goes up to 16 miles per hour using 600 Watts of power.

It can handle riders up to 250 lbs and heavier. Riders above 250 lbs can enjoy the board, but peak performance is at 250 lbs. Also, heavier riders will not get the full distance.

The Cruiser is an ideal board for ages 14 and up. It includes lights on the front and back for maximum visibility at dawn and dusk. The Cruiser has a charging time of six to eight hours. As far as care is concerned, avoid any submersion in water as this will damage the internal computer.

Keep in mind that since the board is 44 lbs, it might be difficult getting on and off of a bus and length prevents it from fitting in many trunks. As with a lot of Maverix boards, this includes a 1-year warranty.

About the battery

The Cruiser uses a 36V battery and is compatible with lithium and classic batteries. It travels 6-7 miles on a classic battery and 9-10 miles on a lithium battery. You may be able to extend travel up to 11 miles by not traveling at the max speed. One full battery charge lasts for about 7 hours.

Looks & materials

Maverix cruise board reviewThe Cruiser is a bigger board, it’s a nearly 4 foot long electric longboard made for street riding. The deck is made out of maple, and it has Aluminum rims, caoutchouc rubber wheels, aluminum trucks, and stainless steel bearings. The Cruiser is equipped with a powerful 600 Watt motor and great appearance.

The board bears a striking royal blue and black design on the face of the board with the Maverix logo. It includes magnetic safety leash. It’s a heavier board, weighing in at 44 lbs.

The Cruiser is also equipped with ABS braking system technology. The lights in the front and back of the board make for safer riding. The board makes a humming noise when in operation. The noise disappears once you reach full speed.


Because of the safety leash, the motor is killed if you fall off of the board. As with other Maverix boards, the controller has three switch positions to choose from; beginner, medium, and expert. Beginner mode is restricted to ⅓ of the max speed.

Connectivity options
Wi-fi remote control
No Bluetooth connectivity

3. Maverix Monster

Maverix Monster board

This is another board built for children, as the Batman California is. Children will need to be taught how to stop properly on this board even though it is built for their size and stature. It’s a lighter board for adults but considered heavy for a child.

Therefore, make sure the kid has a fully charged battery before play time. Otherwise, it may end prematurely. While 5 to 7 miles per charge may not last a long time for an adult, it can last up to a week for a child.

Unless the child is always playing with the skateboard, they will more than likely grow tired after a few miles of use.

Board pros and cons

As you might be able to tell by the look, the Maverix Monster is appropriate for ages 8 and up. It’s a low power 100 Watt board, but it has one of the shortest charge times for electric skateboards at 4 hours. Plus, it operates for 4 to 6 hours before it needs to be charged again.

The weight limit for the Maverix Monster is 100-110 lbs to experience peak performance. The LED lights in the wheels blink faster as you increase riding speed. Despite being a low power board, it weighs 19 lbs and reaches speeds of 6 mph.

This board provides an easy and safe way for kids to enjoy motorized street sports. Since the board is lighter for an electric board, it’s easier for a child to slow down and reach a stop safely. Protective gear and a helmet keeps kids safe on this street rider.

The Maverix Monster is sturdy enough to perform tricks on or get to a destination quickly.

About the battery

The Maverix Monster operates on a 12V sealed lead acid battery. Therefore there’s no risk of combustion or fire. Plus the SLA battery charges quickly.

Looks & materials

Maverix Monster board reviewThe skateboard contains LED lights in all four wheels that light up whether day or night. It’s made of lightweight but quality construction materials; laminated maple, steel bearings, steel, & aluminum trucks with inflatable tires. The wheels are made from polyurethane and PVC.

The Monster is the perfect skateboard for kids with a slight kicktail, making it possible to do kick turns. The board is predominantly black and orange with a graphic of a blue monster on the face of the board. A tool kit is included to make minor repairs and adjustments on the board if necessary.

The board has a wide base, helping smaller riders ensure they stay on the board. The board has lots of speed and power, making it a challenge to learn to ride it perfectly.


The handheld remote makes it simple to control the board, giving you three speeds to choose from. The controller is a white and orange handheld trigger that allows you to choose between three speeds.

Connectivity options

Wi-fi remote control
No Bluetooth connectivity

4. Border X

Maverix Border X board

Adults, you have found your board. The wheels are more like tires, and the heavy duty ruggedness of the equipment just isn’t for children. However, a teen or an adult will have a blast with this powerful skateboard.

The board rides unbelievably smooth directly from the pavement into the rocky dirt. The ride is just as amazing going across a wooden deck and a sandy beach. It has a bright, clear light in the front of the board with a red rear light in the back. Both of the lights are of a noticeable size, so anyone can see you coming or going in the dark.

Board pros and cons

The Border X is a unique board in that it has large, oversized wheels allowing for greater control and a more thrilling riding experience. This is the perfect board for off-roading because of the rugged wheels. Since the wheels are large, you’ll have to make sure that your feet don’t bump into the wheels while riding.

If you want to roll across dirt and gravel with ease, you’ve found your ideal board. The wheels let you ride over a number of different materials that other electric skateboards can’t handle. The board can reach 19 mph with peak performance on this board ending at 250 lbs.

The Border X also includes “flat” or smooth wheels that make for better riding on the street or sidewalk. Some people who have used the board report that it can hold a 300 lb person. It’s a heavy duty board, so it weighs more than the other models at 70 lbs.

About the battery

Maverix Border X board reviewThe Border X uses a 36v Alkaline Battery although, it can operate on a classic or lithium battery. It operates for 10 to 13 miles before needing to be charged again. It takes approximately 6 to 8 hours to fully charge the battery on the Border X.

Looks & materials

The Border X has a black design with black wheels and a large red graphic on the board. It’s equipped with LED lights in the front and back for added visibility, ABS brakes, and a powerful 800 Watt engine.


The controller is the traditional three-position switch, allowing you to choose your level of riding expertise. The controller requires a single 9-volt battery which is usually included. The controller design remains the same for this board as other Maverix boards, with the minor design difference of this controller being black instead of white.

Connectivity options

Wi-fi remote control
No Bluetooth connectivity

5. California

Maverix California board review

The Maverix California is a return to the smaller board. Also, the graphic might make it more appropriate for children. The wheels are not meant for off-roading.

While the wheels are durable, an experienced adult rider may want to enjoy this skateboard over surfaces that will beat up the wheels. Alternatively, an adult who is new to skateboarding will enjoy mastering the speeds available on this board.
On the upside, the skateboard comes with anything that you need to educate a child on how to operate it and a tool kit for small repairs. The face of the board now bears a skull design. Older versions of the California have a large Superman graphic.

Board pros and cons

It’s a good board for people who are new to electric skateboarding but would like to become really good at it. The peak performance weight limit for this board is 150 lbs, though it can withstand a bit more weight. This 150 Watt small, yellow board lets you reach speeds up to 9 mph.

It’s suggested that riders are at least 12 years old. It’s lightweight for an electric board at 19 lbs. So, it can be easily carried by hand across a campus or park for example.

The board does not have a steep learning curve. The three inch wheels are easy for a child to get used to riding on. The board only creates a gentle hum when operated.

About the battery

The California operates on a 24v alkaline battery which powers the 150 Watt motor. It charges after 4 hours and can travel 7-9 miles on a single charge.

Looks & materials

Maverix California boardThe California has the same maple deck that you know and might be familiar with on other Maverix boards. The same durable ABS anti-lock brakes you know and are familiar with can stop the board with ease. The new version of the California is predominantly yellow board with black, shiny wheels, and no kicktail.

There’s a large, red skull graphic on the face of the board. The wheels are made from polyurethane, and the rims are made from PVC. The surface has a great feel.

It needs a smooth surface to ride well. This board is not designed to ride over cracks in the surface, potholes, and around obstacles. Also, avoid riding this board in any wet areas.


The controller is a three-speed wireless remote. Expect to choose from the expert, medium, and beginner positions on the wi-fi enabled remote. The controller is equipped with LED lights so it can easily be seen at night and stays in operation within 5-6 feet of the board.

There is an automatic shutoff on the remote and board that helps conserve battery life.

Connectivity options

Wi-fi remote control
No Bluetooth connectivity

6. Urban Spirit

Maverix Urban Spirit board

The Urban Spirit is a unisex board that’s easy to ride and even easier to clean. It’s an ideal sized board, not too small and not a large, difficult to control skateboard. In previous versions of the board, the wheels were neon green and now they are black.

If you happen to get your hands on an older model, you may come across the green wheels. The black wheels give the skateboard a mature overall appearance. The Urban Spirit is a good board to choose if you no longer consider yourself a beginner and you want to improve performance.

Board pros and cons

The Urban Spirit has 400 Watts of power and speeds of up to 14 miles per hour. The max weight suggested is 150 lbs, though the board can withstand up to 187 lbs. This board travels 7-9 miles on a single charge.

This is a board that’s best for ages 12 and up. It’s a longer board for children at 39 inches. You’ll have to be sure the child is ready to control it, as the board itself weighs 33 pounds. It takes 5 to 8 hours to charge.

It’s a much better board for maneuvering around obstacles. It rolls over cracks in the cement quite well and has enough control to be used on a sidewalk with other people. It cannot be push operated, so it’s important to make sure the board is fully charged before taking a ride.

The brakes work excellently but are not so sensitive that you’ll go flying off of the board. The board has no kicktail and is designed to go fast, but it’s not exactly the ideal choice for riding to work. Keep in mind that it’s difficult to ride once the battery dies because of the board’s weight.

About the battery

The Urban Spirit is powered by an alkaline battery. The light on the 24v battery changes from red to green once it has been fully charged.

Looks & materials

Maverix Urban Spirit board review

The Urban Spirit includes a red magnetic safety leash and emits a sound when powered on for safety reasons. You could compare it to a medium pitched whine. The face of the board is mainly bright green with a large logo graphic on the face of the board. It’s a fish-shaped board with black caoutchouc wheels measuring nearly 5 inches.

The durometer or “hardness” of the wheels measures 91A. The materials mainly consist of wood and plastic.


The traditional Maverix three speed controller lets you choose between slow, medium, and full speeds. The all-black controller is equipped with a bright beam of light, making it easier to see during night rides.

Connectivity options

As with all of the other electric Maverix boards, the battery charges using an AC adapter. Just plug it into a power outlet to charge it.

Wi-fi remote control
No Bluetooth connectivity

You might find that many of the Maverix boards have standard features. All of the boards are made from quality laminated maple and heavy duty construction parts. The biggest thing to keep an eye out for would be battery charging.

It’s key to make sure your battery has enough charge if you plan on having a good time. This is especially the case if you purchase a heavier board that becomes non-functional once it loses the charge. Also, you may want to choose your board based upon weight requirements, speed capabilities, and whether you plan on street riding or off-roading.

Going off the beaten path will require bigger tire-like wheels. Sidewalk or Street riding is better done with smooth wheels. No matter which choice you make, you’re sure to have a great experience.