Maxfind Dual Review

The Maxfind Dual Electric Skateboard is faster than the alternatives that are available. Its dual motor output is powerful and can propel you up to 17 mph. The board’s speed is determined by weight, style of riding, and what surface you are riding on. This is the perfect skateboard for someone who is always busy and on the go. You’ll never end up late for events and show up in style.

Here is a detailed review of the Maxfind Dual Electric Skateboard giving you all the information you need to know about it.

Maxfind Dual Electric Skateboard Review

Maxfind Dual Electric Skateboard

More recently electric skateboards have become very popular because of the fast speeds they offer. They are also becoming a more affordable and efficient way to get where you are going quickly. The market is full of several of these boards and trying to find the right one is a hard task. Here’s what you need to know about the ESR-Maxfind New Electric Skateboard.

Maxfind Product Specifications

Maxfind Dual Electric Skateboard Specifications

This Maxfind Electric Skateboard has a maximum speed of about 17 mph and can run for 10 miles before needing to charge it. The battery is 360 watts of power that can push you up a 15-degree incline. The Maxfind Electric Skateboard is waterproof and has a sturdy, durable design.

Skateboard’s Deck

It’s 37.99” deck is designed with an 8-ply maple. Maple is a very strong and durable wooden material. The wheels used on this electric skateboard are made from a polyurethane material giving them a high rebound. They are durable and will last for a long time.

Every part of this electric skateboard has a stable and solid appearance guaranteeing you will be able to travel without any worries about damaging parts.

Perfect Weight and Size

Maxfind value for the money

The Maxfind Electric Skateboard is exceptionally long while still being very light. It only weighs 12.1 lbs that doesn’t have much of an influence of the batteries like when you are using the skateboard. As a bonus, when the battery dies, you will easily be able to carry it along with you without any problems.

Purchasing a Maxfind Electric Skateboard for a kid is a great gift. It’s lightweight enough that even a child can easily transport it without any problems.

Maxfind Dual Electric Skateboard remote controlWireless Remote Control

Provided with the electric skateboard is a wireless remote that fits in your hand. You use the controls on it to speed up, slow down, and change the direction of your skateboard. Speed modes can be changed from a faster pace for an advanced user to a slower one for beginners.

Pairing the Remote and Skateboard

It’s easy to pair the remote control up with the Maxfind Electric Skateboard. It’s as simple as opening the plastic case of the controller, turn your skateboard on, and press the power button for about five or six seconds until it starts to flash. If the light doesn’t begin to flash, repeat both of the steps again.

After turning on the remote and pressing the yellow button found on the remote board, you will see the flash of a red light on the remote and a flash of blue on the skateboard. This flashing is an indicator that both devices have been paired successfully.

Maxfind battery chargerBattery Charger

It has a small and compact charger only about the size of the charger to a laptop. It can easily be packed into your backpack when you decide to hit the road. 30 minutes of charging your electric skateboard, your battery will be charged to 85%. When your battery is low, take a break, and plug it in. In a short time, your board will be ready to ride again.

What Makes the Maxfind Electric Skateboard the Best?

  • The Maxfind’s 37.99” deck is an 8-ply material that makes this electric skateboard feel extremely stable and safe. It is great for riding while you are going downhill.
  • Excellent customer service is offered by the manufacturer. If you have questions or, they won’t have you waiting on hold for hours.
  • This electric skateboard is extremely solid with amazing traction and stability. It will have no problems carrying up to 220 lbs without breaking. If a part of the board breaks, the parts are easily replaced.
  • The small remote control is wireless and fits in your hand. It also easily slips into your pocket when you’re not using it.
  • When the Maxfind skateboard’s battery is dead, you can ride on it like a normal skateboard. The large wheels have excellent grip to the road making a comfortable ride.

Take It Anywhere In Any Weather

You can take it with you on an airplane since the total weight of the package is 19 lbs. You can use it in the summer or the winter and never be worried about ruining the motor of the skateboard. It features a waterproof rating of IP65 that allows you to enjoy riding it in more severe weather conditions. If waterproof is a consideration in your purchase, this may be the board for you.

Everything’s Included

The electric skateboard comes with all the accessories you need. The package includes the skateboard itself, the wireless remote controller, a battery, a battery charger, an instruction manual, and a tool for loosening or tightening your board’s trucks.

High-quality Construction and Design

The new Maxfind Dual Motor Electric Skateboard’s design features the latest in technology and is assembled using high-quality parts. There is so much that this board has to offer that it can easily be one of the best investments you can make.

Different Versions Available

maxfind-max-a-vs-bTwo versions are available including version A and version B. The difference in the two boards is that version A has a slim board without the built-in handles, while version B boards are a little wider and have handles that are cut directly into the board. The rest of the specifications and features are the same.

If you are searching for a quality electric skateboard, the Maxfind Dual Electric Skateboard is a great choice. It will last you a long time. It’s fast, has a strong battery, and is waterproof. It is durable and strong to last you a long time. The remote control uses wireless technology in the palm of your hand to give you complete control. The Maxfind Dual Electric Skateboard has everything you could want in a product of its kind.

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