Rocketskates – Smart, Speedy, Cool


Rocketskates are a brand of electric powered skates that came out in 2015. The design is unique and these are the first self-powered skates that can be controlled from a smartphone. You get the skates, the app, and a tutorial about how to use the Rocketskates when you buy them.

Rocketskates are a lot larger than regular skates. The size and 7.5-pound weight may be a bit intimidating to some skaters. The design is really very simple. You strap your foot onto a platform with a Velcro strap sort of like a snowboard. The wheels on each side of the skate are independently powered by a variable speed electric motor that can run from 110 volts to 240 volts.

The maximum speed possible for a 250-pound person is 12.5 miles per hour. The app tells you when the power is getting low. Battery life is about 2.5 hours at maximum speed.

Riding the Rocket skates or driving the Rocketskates has a small learning curve. The rocket skates app is programmed to automatically adjust the speed so that you can learn how to use the skates without any accidents by selecting the beginner mode. You can rapidly advance to an expert level and experience all of the speed and fun without any major falls.

You start the Rocketskates by pressing a knob on the toe of each skate. This tells your phone that the skates are engaged. A master skate is designated by you and this is the skate that you use to start moving. Some people are right footed and some are left footed.

You start by pushing the heel of your master foot down. This cranks up the motors. You kick off with both feet to start. You must remember that each wheel on each side of both skates runs independently. Speed is adjusted through the height of your heel. You stop by pushing the heels down for one second.

The app lets you track how far you have gone, how fast you go, and monitors battery life. You can record a route through the GPS and share the route with friends that will enjoy the same experience. Your phone controls the skates so any emergency stop or equipment failure is controllable with a single button on your phone.

Rocketskates are the most technologically advanced skates available. They are a bit pricy but the look, the maneuverability, the take them with you anywhere design, and the level of control is worth it.

Rocketskates can do tricks that no other skates can do. The difference is that you have four independently driven wheels. The ease of stopping and starting also adds to the capacity to create tricks.

Rocketskates are designed for street and pavement but can handle grass and hills easily. They are a great way to get around a huge office complex quickly and stylishly. They are guaranteed to make a memorable impression.